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lolitapatswap's Journal

Lolita Pattern Swap
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[X]Lolita Fashion?[X]
[X] ロリータ・ファッション [x]

[-] What it is? [-]

It is a fashion style and subculture which originated in Japan, largely inspired by Victorian children's clothing and the elaborate costumes of the Rococo period. Other influences include the western gothic and punk fashions.
Skirts are typically knee length and are worn with a panier or petticoat to add volume. Typically paired with either a frilly, ruffled, or lace-trimmed Victorian blouse, often with Peter Pan or sailor collars, or a lacey 'cutsew'. Over the knee socks, knee socks or stockings are extremely popular, especially printed with roses or crowns or topped with lace. Footwear is typically cute, child-like shoes such as Mary Janes. Lace-trimmed headdresses, mini-top hats worn to one side, and intricate old-fashioned jewelry are some favored accessories.

[-] Styles [-]

[+] There are as many styles of Lolita as there are Lolita's [+]

[+] For more information read this post [+]

[-] Behavior [-]

[+] There are no “rules” on how to behaving for a Lolita [+]

[+] Generally a good thing to be a polite person, especially if you are going to be out in public all dressed up. People will be taking notice of you in your Lolita clothes, it’s a good policy to just be generally well-mannered [+]

[+] If someone is bothering you about your fashion choices, tell them politely and firmly to leave you alone. If they don't get the message, keep in mind that you have a right to enjoy yourself in public without being harassed, especially if you are minding your own business and not being deliberately offensive to others. You should contact the staff/security/police in the area and remind them of this fact. [+]

.[x] Rules [X]
[X] I hated having to write them so I know you will hate reading them. [x]

[+] If you are planning to spam or deadbeat, start drama, cat fights, or be flaming, bashing, etc. don't waste your time joining. Please just save that for Springer.[+]

[-] POSTING [-]

[+]Auction listings are allowed, but only once a week MAX! IE a Gothic Lolita dress, or you made or something else a like[+]

[+] Please try to keep things about mostly Lolita. I mean I love your cat, but I would love your cat more in a Phoofy Lolita dress. jkin? [+]

[+] Pictures are welcomed and very much enjoyed. Some people still have dial up, so please be kind to them. If you have two, 2, or more pictures please use an jl-cut ( put what you want the cut to say where is says "Read more") [+]

[+] Making easy to read titles can be helpful. ie. Wanted: blah blah (and then when you get it make a comment saying you FOUND it) Swapping: blank blank (and the comment when you sent it out or that you received it so the other person knows) [+]

[-] SWAPPING [-]

[+] ALL swapping is FREE! Its swapping not renting. [+]

[+] Patterns MUST be couplet, or stated other wise before swapping. [+]

[+] There are 4 different type of swapping (1) Single Swapping (2) Double Swapping (3) Single Keeps (4) Double Keeps. Keeps are when the other person can keep it as there very own. PLEASE state what you are comfortable with in your in you swapping post. I understand if you want it back when the pattern back when the other person is done with it, but you have to let them know that too! [+]

[X] I really want this to be a great community, and with your help it can be! [X]